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Ownership Structure
  • We support small family-owned businesses, private or closely held entities, and majority stakeholder-held companies.
Target Size
  • We deal with a variety of companies, but we specifically target enterprises with $1-$50M revenue or EBITDA of $300K-$15M
Business Characteristics
  • Management Team: Strong track record of results with awareness of how to collaborate to achieve outcomes.
  • Sustainable Growth: Exposure to end-markets and niches with steady growth
  • Competitive Strategy: Small market niche leaders with defensible market position and leadership market share/brand/NPS
  • Stable Margin Profile: Ability to create cost advantage opportunities relative to industry peers.
  • Scalable Business Model: Infrastructure and linkages that supports market share growth.
  • ROI Through Cycles: Track record of free cash flow through economic cycles.
  • Getting Started


    Holistic assessment of the end-to-end business and stakeholders

  • Pro-active Planning


    Succession & continuity

  • Practical financial & Strategic Options


    Proprietary financial valuation

  • Design for Target Results


    How to “stage” your business for the best financial outcomes

  • Execute Securely


    How to maneuver in the transactions process

Why you’ll want to work with us


We spent time on the other side of the table. We know what a buyer will do after acquiring your company, let’s do them now and keep that value for you.

We can help you keep >10X the value you built

We align our time, energy and capital to achieve your specific goals.

We have owned, run and exited business ourselves. We have been in your shoes.

Our carefully designed approach focuses on empowering you with practical intelligence that is hard to acquire, and the steps you need to take.

Our clinical psychologists help you navigate sensitive topics while maintaining long-term relationships. Our network of transaction experts and former business owners advise you on timing, positioning, what to expect, best fit buyer and planning required.